Refined products and Distillates

We constantly broaden our trading portfolio. Our proven trading model and deep roots in financial sector enables us continued and successful operations worldwide while expanding our geographical presence.
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    Middle Distillates

    Middle distillate trading represents a central aspect of Apogee’s trading portfolio. Apogee trades a full range of middle distillates, including heating oil, diesel and jet.
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    Light ends Gasoline and Naphtha
    We strive to be a leader in light ends and petrochemical refinery feedstock. We deliver different kinds of naphtha from open spec up to heavy range low rvp and high ron staff, as well as purely petrochemical feedstock like light virgin naphtha with minimum 70% parafines content. Gasoline 92 Ron is equally within the ambit of our competence.
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    We source LPG relying on our relationship with key domestic producers. We access to terminals and storage in strategic locations, which enables us to operate efficiently across Europe, Middle East and Asia.
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    Heavy fuel and Feedstock

    With access to and ownership of storage and blending equipment in hubs around the world, Apogee is able to respond quickly to all kinds of demand for low and high sulphur bunker, as well as for heavy fuel for power generation from 0.3% to 3.5% of sulphur content.