Logistics is key enabler of our strategy, and a catalyst of our diversification. We strive to unite under one umbrella our fully integrated shipping and logistics arm, supporting the energy supply chain, We always focus on enhancing blending and storage facilities along our shipping routes in order to take leverage on existing and opening price arbitrage opportunities. We lease and invest in floating and onshore storage and blending facilities worldwide in order to be in line and ahead of the market trends.

Our logistics team operates seamlessly to manage freight exposures and add efficiency to our physical transactions. Led by highly skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel staff with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle most complex deliveries, we are completely dedicated to time charter the vessels and invest in the fleet of tankers and liquid carriers.

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    Storage and Blending

    We rent floating and onshore storage at the crossroads of our key supply destinations. Our blending is focused on the specifications tailored to the specific needs of our customers both in petrochemical and bunkering & fuel supply industry. We blend different specifications of naphtha, while gasoil and bunker fuel is custom tailored according to the needs and requirements of our valued client
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    Maritime logistics
    We time-charter vessels, freight and transport. This gives us the capability to respond effectively to market trends and create added flexibility for realizing arbitrage opportunities. We understand the value of having the vessels as an propriatory asset, that's where we enhance our presence and put our investments. Sea terminals worldwide are equally within the ambit of our special interest. Our in-house team of analytics is monitoring constantly the arising opportunities and is there for on-the-spot involvement.