Business becoming global through local expertise

Our activities along the energy supply chain and physical presence throughout the world provide detailed insights into the nature of the marketplace locally, regionally and globally. We strive to identify and capture trading opportunities and enhance our business profitability. Wherever we operate we establish long-term partnerships based on transparency. We aim to share expertise, provide training and build local capabilities so that our trading and investments deliver benefits to the people, communities and businesses we partner with.
We started in 2015 as a trading arm of an investment fund with its own portfolio of industrial assets, long-standing expertise in financial structuring and best risk management practices. Nowadays we became an independent trader with its own view of the market trends, in-depth analysis of arbitrage opportunities and capacity to expand the storage and blending operations in close partnership with our local customers and tailored to specific offtakes.

Commodity trading

Trading is the heart of our business. We always strive to streamline our sourcing and logistical solutions while increasing our portfolio of suppliers and customers to assure most efficient delivery of custom-tailored specifications to the places where the product is most required.
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    Crude oil

    We identify changing crude oil flows and evolving market dynamics capturing the value throughout the supply chain through our relationships with oil producers, logistics capabilities, and strategically located storage and blending facilities. We market oil products and gas condensate of different specifications while offering structured transactions applying our risk managements, financial and investment expertise.
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    Refined products and energy

    We constantly broaden our trading portfolio of refined products while offtaking refined products directly from producers of all sizes , prefinancig and managing our trading, storing, blending and supply portfolio .With continued drive to expand and diversify we expand our geography, storage locations and local staff ready to serve our customers on the ground.
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    Agriproducts and bioenergy

    We strive for a cleaner energy and set ourselves a goal to be a leading trader in bioenergy and wheat. Our commercial and marketing expertise is complemented by our extensive purchase and marketing agreements and first-hand offtake from producers/farmers.


    We understand that the global reach is assured by proper logistics solutions strategically located at the crossing points of our key destinations. Therefore we time charter vessels, lease the floating and onshore tanks to always get closer to our valued customers. This gives us the capability to respond effectively to market trends and create added flexibility to opening arbitrage opportunities.