Our advantages

Our business contemplates possession of broad expertise, multiple skills and varied approaches. In putting together our trading and analytics teams across the Company, we keep in mind a wide range of specific roles, so as to better respond to evolving challenges and utilize our taskforce in the most efficient way.
Our core competitive advantage is the continuing, systematic, fast and consistent analysis and study of the world commodities markets with help of our innovative technological platforms aimed at keen understanding of global commercial connections, trends and specifics.

    Smart, Talented, Active, Responsible. STAR is our people.
    Personnel employed by Apogee at every level provide for sustainability and continuous growth of our operations, with strong commitment to strict corporate governance. We employ highly skilled professionals possessing extensive experience in trading / finance / logistics / technology and utilize sophisticated legal expertise developed and accumulated internally. Our people are essential to our success and growth.
    We work to attract and retain the best people at every level. We undertake regular assessments of skill levels and competence, aiming to support, develop and reward people with talent and potential.
    Relentlessly inquisitive and innovative by nature, our team brings together 100+ years of industry experience, providing our successful operating activities and value for our counterparties.

    We genuinely believe that successful trading business is a matter of technology and sophisticated understanding of global economy and markets. Therefore, we develop Apogee as a technology company rather than a trading firm.
    We permanently test and improve our innovative technological platforms, enabling fundamental cause-and-effect insight, minimization of operational costs and development of optimal transaction patterns and structures. This requires best practices in data gathering and aggregation, fast complex analytics and financial engineering.

    We wield our own wide network of directly contracted suppliers and end buyers throughout the target regions. Before entering a new geographical market, we undertake comprehensive analysis of local demand and supply, seasonal variation, regulatory framework, as well as key regional players effecting prices and logistics solutions.

    Our logistics team operates seamlessly with our trading desk to manage freight exposures and to add safety and efficiency to our physical transactions. Apogee has instant access to logistics assets worldwide, including freight, 
    in-land transport, storage and blending facilities. These give us the capability to respond effectively to market trends and create added flexibility for realizing arbitrage opportunities.
    We elaborate and apply flexible cost-effective logistics solutions:
    Co-operation agreements with the major owners of rolling stock and vessel fleet facilitate prompt and precise pricing for transportation solutions of any complexity. Partnerships with a number of large infrastructure operators enable us to offer tailored logistics solutions and low costs to our counterparties.
    Owing to vast experience in logistics, Apogee is capable of routinely running CIF deals, a feature distinguishing us from the overwhelming part of mid-size commodity traders and local competitors in the supply regions.

    There are no uniform specifications for similar commodities consumed in different parts of the world. Quality standards vary from country to country, depending on historical consumption culture, customary uses (as regards agricultural products), or technical requirements of consumers (as regards coal and energy commodities).
    Due to sophisticated and permanently improving technical expertise, access to capacious storage facilities and ability to source a wide range of commodity specifications, we can blend and process various products to meet specific needs of our industrial consumers in different parts of the world.

    From its establishment, Apogee has been consistently contributing to the building of relationships in the financial sector, paying close attention to diversification of its banking partnerships.
    As a growing business with interests throughout the world, Apogee has always sought to establish local partnerships for its investments and operations, responding to regional and local market specifics to create and maintain best financing arrangements for its trading operations.
    We maintain a strong liquidity position and our assets are optimally financed. Our financial stability and well-maintained arrangements with reputable financial institutions afford short- and long-term financing for both customers and suppliers, helping to maintain sustainable supply and demand for commodities.
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